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5 Best YouTube Channels To Learn Artificial Intelligence

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YouTube is a great social media platform for learning any subject. The videos are well designed with ample examples, solutions to problems, descriptive solutions, practical and theoretical demonstration and much more. Likewise said, it also houses some great videos on computer science. So if you have a knack for artificial intelligence or you love learning about it, YouTube is a great place for watching videos related to this stream. Buy youtube subscribers. From dozens of channels to choose from, you can get confused!

Here are the 5 best Youtube channels that you can follow for you daily dose of Artificial Intelligence (AI) related facts:


1. Raj Ramesh :

Subscribers : 40.8 K

About : Raj Ramesh’s You Tube channel of the same name focuses on incorporating artificial intelligence with technical architecture. He has worked with several organizations and infused artificial intelligence in their domain. His channel provides a lot of useful insights into this domain. His videos on artificial intelligence for community and business have been watched by thousands of people.

2. Lex Fridman :

Subscribers : 1.06 M

About : This is one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube related to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Lex Fridman is quite famous for his tutorials on computer vision models. In his channel, he interviews industry experts and giants to give the people a detailed insight into the world of artificial intelligence. He also posts videos on various topics related to artificial intelligence.

3. Henry AI Labs :

Subscribers : 30.3 K

About : If you have a keen interest in research papers related to artificial intelligence, then this is the channel for you! The host posts comprehensive videos related to artificial intelligence and deep learning. The widely popular topics include: computer vision, graph embedding, natural language processing, generative adversarial networks and reinforcement learning. You can also find video related to coding and other interesting topics.

4. Microsoft Research :

Subscribers : 201 K


About : Related to artificial intelligence, Microsoft Research has put a light on various fields such as economics, healthcare, etc. They are also well sought out for providing leadership to engineering and business, primarily focusing upon the topics of machine learning, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. If you like learning about research, then this channel might be useful to you as it introduces people to many researches. The interviews of people and videos from guests are also very interesting to watch.

5. StatQuest with Josh Starmer :

Subscribers : 485 K


About : If you like to study about machine learning, data science and statistics, but are afraid of it, then this channel is ideal for you! The concepts and ideas behind the working of computers are sometimes hard to understand. However, the host makes them very lucid for you! These short and informative videos are a great source for clearing your concepts. With graphs and ample examples, every detail of the topic is focused upon.


Your love for artificial intelligence will increase even more after watching these channels on YouTube. Be it for fun, information or education, these channels are a must follow, if you love artificial intelligence and machine learning.



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