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AWS Chief Andy Jassy Gets Top Job at Amazon as CEO Bezos Steps Down

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I saw this not coming, and it would seem nobody else could do from outside the close sanctum of Amazon.

I would have expected Arvind Krishna to go off this year at IBM — giving space to his hair-like James Whitehurst if you would inquire what important technology CEO could do in the near-future. Or perhaps Larry Ellison would finally decide to invest additional time on his island in Hawaii, Lanai.

And yet Jeff Bezos is leaving Amazon’s CEO work? No way! 

Following Amazon’s Q4 2020 revenues, the company confirmed that its founding director Bezos is anticipated to be the Chief Executive Officer throughout the third quarter of 2021, in a shocking movement.

The high point will be Andy Jassy, leader of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

And what’s the verdict of the founding director and executive director to exit in the statement announcing his departure? Now, of course, Amazon.

“This was a bizarre thing we did together and then normalised it,” says Bezos in a statement. “We’d pioneer customer feedback, 1-click, prime’s insane quick service, custom recommendations, just walk purchasing, kindle, climate pledging, Alexa, infrastructure cloud computing, the marketplace, care and other things.”

Surely all of this is true. E-commerce still was a vague idea when Bezos established Amazon in 1994. He might sell books, sure. But genuinely, many other people at that time assumed Amazon would be just another illusion for finance. It would have the fate of being engulfed with brick and mortar powers like Noble and Barnes or Borders.

In 2000 Bezos founded Blue Origin as the manufacturer of sub-orbital spacecraft and aerospace services. The New Shepard spacecraft from Blue Origins came into space in the year 2015 and then landed on Earth successfully. In 2013 he bought Washington Post as a major US daily newspaper for 250 million USD, which handles several other investments through its Bezos Expeditions risk capital business. 

Boy, they’ve been mistaken. And boy, they didn’t see how Amazon will indeed transform the book market completely and e-commerce in the first place.



“If you’re doing it correctly, a few years after such a surprising invention, the new phenomenon has now become normal,” Bezos continued. “People ostensibly ostracised. That ostracism is the most complimentary that even an inventor could even receive. Looking at our financial performance, what you currently see here is the cumulative results of an invention.

Something is really there to this. Nobody would have looked at AWS a decade earlier when Amazon determined how retailing would function in the 20th Century and then said, “This is going to change the world almost as much as e-commerce does have.”

Nowadays, in a cloud world — AWS seems to be the public cloud’s undisputed monarch. It is, therefore, no wonder that Bezos turns the reins of Amazon into a person apart from a retail maven or perhaps a specialist in the supply chain. Rather, Jassy is the top job.

Throughout the early 2000s, he as well as his group worked to enhance the inner IT system of Amazon as just a marketing manager. He rapidly had become a major player. By 2003, they had a small plan to call Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Jassy’s company has since led the public cloud to something like a pinnacle.

Maybe this change is not as shocking as it appears first, and if you believe about Bezos and Amazon. Bezos spent less time at his desk and much more time in his life till he struck COVID-19. Even so, once the pandemic changed the world, Bezos again took part in daily management.

It is not easy, since we all fully understand, to deal with work during coronavirus days. And maybe Bezos has already needed to move back and live with the vaccines as well as the end state of the disease outbreak. As late Apple CHO Steve Jobs found, money, as well as dedication, cannot buy yourself another day, even for one of the richest people on the planet (and the Covid virus has unquestionably pushed many of us to rethink our lives).

As far as Amazon is concerned? It’s going to do well. Nobody better at retail, supply chain management as well as cloud technology than people like or hate how he does what he does. The name at the top is changing, but in coming years, Amazon still will gain market share.

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