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How To Downgrade Directx 12 To 11 Windows 10

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How do I change from DirectX 12 to 11?

Log in to the game to select a character and open the Options menu. Click eGraphics on the right. Click on the drop-down list next to the eGraphics hardware level and select DirectX 9 10 or 11 mode. (Click eAccept to use the change and restart the game.)

Can I downgrade from DirectX 12 to 11?

No need to downgrade as every required version will be installed. dx12 is part of win 10 and cant remove it as far as I know. If the game does not use it it will not load.

How do I uninstall DirectX 12 and install DirectX 11?

How Do I delete DX12?
  1. Press Windows key + X and select Device Manager.
  2. Expand Display Adapters.
  3. Right click on the driver and select Update Driver Software.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to update the driver.

How do I revert to DirectX 11?


Open eGameUserSettings. Find this in a word processor such as Notepad and then look for the setting ePreferredGraphicsAPI=DX12PreferredGraphicsAPI=DX12e. Change eDX12e to eDX11e then save the file and exit. Borderlands 3 should then start in DirectX mode.

Does DirectX 12 include DirectX 11?

DirectX 12 is part of Windows 10 because it is the latest version of DirectX. However like all previous versions of DirectX DirectX 12 is DirectX

Can you install DirectX 11 on Windows 10?

DirectX 11.0 Windows 10 supports Windows 8 և Windows 7. Support is available for Windows Vista but only after installing the Windows Vista platform update. DirectX 10 Windows 10 Windows 8 supports Windows 7 և Windows Vista.

Can you downgrade DirectX?

You cant downgrade the DirectX version you shouldnt do this even though its possible DirectX 12 has all DirectX 10 lines compatible with the background.

Can I install 2 versions of DirectX?

You can install multiple versions of DirectX on your system.

How do I disable dx12 in Windows 10?

Here’s how:
  1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard and type Turn Windows features on or off.
  2. In the Windows Features window, look for Legacy Components and check it.
  3. Restart your computer to complete the process and save the changes.

How do I uninstall and reinstall DirectX 12?

How do I reinstall DirectX 12?
  1. Check for updates. Open the Start menu and select Settings. …
  2. Run the DirectX End-User Runtime Installer. …
  3. Use the SFC tool for missing files. …
  4. Perform a clean boot.

How do I uninstall and reinstall DirectX on Windows 10?

Type dxdiag in the search box and click this app in the list. Step 2. After a while a pop-up window will appear showing the installed version of DirectX in the System tab. You can then reinstall Windows 10 DirectX as needed.

How do I uninstall DirectX 11 from Windows 10?

Right-click on the eDirectXe folder and select eDelete.e.

How do I turn off DirectX 12?

  1. Go to the DirectX Diagnostics Tool. Cannot be disabled in Windows 7. Windows XP – Windows Start Menu -> Run, type dxdiag and click Ok. …
  2. Click Display 1 Tab.
  3. Under DirectX Features, click Disable next to Direct3D Acceleration.
  4. Click Exit.

How do I change my DirectX version?

Here’s how to update DirectX:
  1. On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and type check. Then click Check for updates.
  2. Click Check for updates.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions so that Windows Update will automatically download & install the latest DirectX for you (included in the updates).

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