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SESO Labor is Providing a Way for Migrant Farmworkers to get Legally Protected Work Status in the US

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As Biden appears to work to introduce legislation to Congress to tackle the endemic problem of its immigration reform in America, a small California-based company known as SESO Labor has also raised 4.5 million USD from the other side of the nation, guaranteeing farms access to lawful immigrant labour.

Investors such as the Founders Fund as well as NFX raised SESO’s founder Mike Guirguis during the summer. The company’s board was joined by Pete Flint, a founder of Trulia. It has 12 farms and negotiates contracts with yet another 46. It works with this company. The very first product recruit at Farmers Business Network as well as Dropbox was Jordan Taylor, who was the other co-founder.

SESO has developed services that simplify as well as handle the visas process of H-2A, so this enables migrants’ farm workers to reside momentarily in the United States with legal protection and within the existing regulatory framework where it has existed since 1986.

SESO automates the process of visas during that point, creates the paperwork for the employees and eases the implementation. The company charges approximately 1,000 USD per employee, but at the end of the day, Guirguis is planning on providing more service providers to the employee himself. Finally, it wishes to offer both farm owners, as well as farmworkers, integrated services, Guirguis ” says.

SESO expects to employ 1.000 people in 2021, as well as the company is pre-revenue for now. Today, 6,000 employees are the largest managing player in the industry to handle working visas per year, which is why SEASON’s competition is market share.


Complicated History about America’s Agricultural and Immigration and labour

The H-2A programme, which aims at allowing agricultural entrepreneurs to work eventually or seasonally on farms in the United States with anticipated domestic labour shortages, has been implemented. US compensation, salary laws for employees, as well as other standards, such as access to healthcare underneath the Affordable Care Act, cover employees.

Employers that use their visa scheme to hire employees must pay for transportation, supply their rental shelter or free housing and supply meals.

H-2 visas were created in 1952 as a portion of the Immigration & Nationality Act, strengthening a system of national quotas, which limited immigration mainly to northern Europe and yet, as immigration laws were first codified in 1924, opened the borders of America to Asian immigrants for the first time. While immigration legislation was also opened in the 1960s, the last essential package of immigration reforms in 1986 limited immigration as well as made the recruitment of undocumented workers by companies illegal. The H-2A visas have also been created to allow farms to employ immigrant workers without punishments associated with unlawful employment.

As per Guirguis, an honorary graduate of Stanford, who wrote his PhD in Labor Policy, the H 2A visa for some migrant workers is indeed a golden ticket.

“We have been providing a staffing solution for agribusiness and farmers, but we want a comprehensive solution for farm and agricultural business,” goes on to say Guirguis, the ultimate task of our company, referring to Gusto, the payroll service provider.




Opening the Borders

Farms require help if another latest labour deficit numbers are credible, and according to Reuters’ article, the blame is not necessarily a lack of H2A visas.

In reality, as per Reuters report, there was an increase in the number of H2A visas granted to operators of farm equipment to 10,798. Including us data, this is up 49% of a year ago. Labor Department cited by Reuters.

Installation in the United States caused problems, instead of being unable to obtain the H-2A visa. Tighter border controls, travel constraints and persistent pandemics have all played their part in keeping migrant workers in their countries of origin. Nevertheless, Guirguis considers that more farms will be prepared to use the H2A visa, reduce illegal immigration as well as boost the labour pool that is accessible for the difficult farms that US workers do not seem to have to have.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to deny the roots in America’s immigration policy in the darker past. And some immigrants argue that perhaps the H2A system is faced with the same type of structural issues that inflict on tech workers the H1B corollary visas.

“Only at the end of each day we try to invest more resources in their hands,” he,” says. “We shall establish the bank and transfer services. “We will establish. All we can do should benefit each other for the employer and worker who tries to join this programme to understand that they do not benefit.”


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